Teapigs make a big thing about using quality real tea. By quality real tea, they mean whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs, whole berries, whole spices and whole flowers. Not the dusty stuff you’ll find in regular paper teabags.

It's all about the flavour. The tea in regular tea bags has been squashed, chopped and manhandled so, by the time it reaches your cup, almost all the flavour is lost. Teapigs uses whole leaves, berries, herbs, flowers and spices in the tea bag or 'tea temple' which have been handled gently and with love, to maintain every drop of that precious flavour. The Teapig “temple” – a biodegradable mesh bag that gives the whole leaves lots of room to infuse. Looks pretty too. Loose tea without the fuss.

Teapigs belief
we believe in something pure and simple…
no airs. no graces. just fine tea

highest quality
We will only ever sell teas of the highest quality. We will never compromise on quality. It also means we sell only whole leaf tea from selected estates, which we supply either as loose leaf or in tea temples.

tea love
We love tea; we just don't like the snobbery that can come with it. Instead we concentrate on bringing you the very best tea we can find and not taking ourselves too seriously.

no airs and graces
We don't want to intimidate you with a huge list of teas or bewilder you with a mass of information (although, of course, you can always ask us). We've hand picked a select range that offers you the chance to discover the wonderfully diverse world of tea.