Men's Treatments

Express Energy Facial - 30mins - £35
Men’s Fitness Facial - 1hr - £60
Deeply Energising Facial Treatment - 1hr 10mins - £65
More than just a facial, this tension relieving aromatherapy treatment can be individually tailored to combine the unique Decléor massages to the back, face, shoulders and neck.

Tranquillity Scalp Massage - 25mins - £30
Drift into a deep relaxation with this sublimely calming massage. All traces of tension are gently eased from scalp, décolleté, neck and shoulders, and the soothing Essential Oils enhance the calming experience.

Man-i-cure - £20
Sports Pedicure - £35
Chest or Back Wax from - £25
Chest and Back Wax from - £38
Eyebrow Wax - £11

Lycon Hot Wax

Lycon premium hot wax is designed for delicate and intimate areas. It is used to prevent hair breakages, ingrown hairs and redness. Your waxing experience will be a lot less painful and even hairs as short as 1mm can be removed.
Chest or Back Wax - £45
Chest and Back Wax - £60
Deep Tissue Massage
A deep tissue treatment designed to work on stiff, tight and fatigued muscles and joints. Combining the power of 100% pure aromatherapy oils and gels with a very specialised massage technique. Give your body the attention it deserves.
25mins - £36 | 50mins - £60